How To Get Started With Online Casinos


Getting started in the world of online casino gambling may seem a little daunting at first, but don’t worry.

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We have compiled these guides to help you find your way. Our intention is to break each section down for you, so that have a good understanding of what to do, and how to do it safely and responsibly.

Among others, the guides will cover :

  • what things to look for in an online casino,
  • the basics on how the software works,
  • how the banking, for both depositing and withdrawing your winnings, works
  • how the various bonuses work
  • what terms like wagering and rakeback mean
  • how to test the casino support staff
  • where to go if you have a dispute with a casino
  • how to gamble responsibly so that you don’t lose your shirt

So, with no further ado, lets get right onto the first item in the list.


What to look for in an online casino

Before you decide to register at a particular online casino, do yourself a favour and read a couple of reviews on the casino. Here at Global Casino Review, you’ll find a wide variety of casinos to read up on. You’ll also get the benefit of reading actual player reviews of the casino, which should give you a clearer idea of what to expect from any particular casino.

Major points to consider are (in order of importance) :

  1. Is the software platform used reputable and recognised ?
  2. Does the casino have a good reputation on the various forums and blogs on the web ?
  3. Is the casino licensed ?
  4. Do they carry a valid seal from their proclaimed licensing jurisdiction ?
  5. Is the support team effective and quick when it comes to dealing with players issues ?
  6. Does the casino have fast and efficient payouts ?
  7. Does the casino have a wide range of banking options ?
  8. Is the software easy to use (install, navigate, access to information) ?

Once you have done a bit of research on the casino by checking out the points mentioned above, you can progress to step 2 on the gaming trail.

This is getting access to the casino. Which basically means that once you have decided where to play, you need to get some software.

Read on here to find out how to get the software required to play.


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