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Here you can take part in a wide range of discussions on anything related to online casinos.

We also have an individual forum for each casino we have listed on the site, so that you can address any issues directly related to the casino concerned there.

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New Post 7/28/2009 6:41 PM
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How to add your review 


This post will tell you how to add your review to the site.

You must register first, and then login to the site.

Then, search for your casino in our reviews lists (under Casino Reviews in the main menu).

When you find the casino you want to comment on, simply click the link to read the full review, and then select the “What The Players Say” tab.

Underneath the section where we list what the casino claims, you will see a text area that you can write your review in. Tell us what your experience was like, click the Have Your Say button, and your experience will be added to the list.

Please note that any feedback / review that is extremely derogatory or defamatory will be removed (hate speech, swearing etc), but negative reviews are welcome – we want the truth!

How to boost the star ratings

Once you are logged in, you will be able to boost the star ratings for all aspects of the caisno listings – the general overall rating (on the Casino General Info tab), as well as the eight measuring criteria we have running along the side.

To do so, just move your mouse over the stars until you find the rating you deem appropriate, and click. Voila! your rating has been accepted by the system.

Please note that you can only rate each star rating aspect once, for each listing (this means you can click a total of 9 star rating aspects for each casino listed at GCR).

If you have any issues, just post them here in the forums, and we’ll deal with them as quickly as possible.

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  Forum  GCR Support For…  Global Casino R…  How to add your review


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